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The Redwood Team

Karl Westvig | Andrew Goodrich | Peter Versfeld Edward Khoury | Martin Schramm | Monica Hitge |
Riek Kirsten | Patricia Tattersall | Evey Alexiou

Karl Westvig

Karl Westvig
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Karl graduated from UCT in 1992 with an Honours degree in Business Science (Statistics and Operations Research). He then went on to work in a number of industries, including market research, retail consumer finance and general consumer finance, holding positions such as Strategy Manager for Foschini Group Credit Services (1994-1997) and General Manager - Customer and Risk for Direct Axis (1997-1999).

Karl co-founded the well-known consumer finance business RCS Group in 1999, where he served as CEO until December 2008. Under his guidance, the RCS Group grew to 800 staff, 600 000 customers, and a product suite including direct personal loans, general-purpose cards, home loans, vehicle finance, insurance and private label cards. RCS Group is now the leading provider of independent credit services to retailers in southern Africa, including Botswana and Namibia, with a total book under management of R2.6bn.

Andrew Goodrich

Andrew Goodrich
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew has over 20 years of credit risk management, operational and executive management experience, gained in the clothing retail, catalogue retail, banking and consultancy sectors in both Africa and the Middle East. His experience covers an array of consumer credit products, including personal loans, bank credit cards, mortgage loans, private label cards and bank debit cards.

Andrew worked as Consumer Credit Risk Manager - Credit Cards, Personal Loans & Mortgage Loans at Riyad Bank in Saudi Arabia from 1997, until he took on the position of Senior Consultant (Middle East) at PIC Solutions in 2004. From 2005 to 2006 he served as Credit Risk & Operations Director for HomeChoice (Pty) Ltd and FinChoice (Pty) Ltd, before moving to the Metropolitan Holdings Personal Loans & Bank Debit Cards subsidiary, where he held the position of Chief Operating Officer until 2009.

Andrew has been involved in multiple TRIAD implementations, both hosted and net-sourced, as well as numerous application, behavioural and attrition scorecard developments and implementations. He has also played a role in new business start-ups, such as the Woolworths Private Label Card and Metropolitan's banking subsidiary, and spent time on both the Project Board for the launch of Saudi Arabia's Credit Bureau, and MasterCard's Global EMV Board.

Peter Versfeld

Peter Versfeld
Chief Information Officer

After obtaining his BSc degree in Computer Science, Peter started his career as a computer operator at a data processing bureau. From there he progressed through the information technology ranks of programmer, systems analyst, application development manager, project manager, account executive and systems manager, before finally being appointed as Chief Information Officer for Woolworths Financial Services, who offer in-store cards, loans and a Visa credit card.

Peter has more than 17 years' experience in credit management, which has included setting up the complete architecture and infrastructure for managing customer accounts and loans, as well as taking responsibility for the corporate data warehouse and analytics function.

Amongst other things, Peter's work has involved mainframe application integration, customer relationship management software, interfaces to credit bureaus and banks, and contact centre technology such as computer telephony integration, automated call distribution, workforce management, campaign management and interactive voice recognition.

Edward Khoury

Edward Khoury
Business Development Executive

Edward Khoury has 30 years' experience in the Information Industry including Consumer Credit, Business Credit, Analytics and Decisioning, Motor Vehicles. He has a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from the University of the Witwatersrand. Edward has a strong financial background and was the Financial Director of Information Trust Corporation (ITC).

Alongside the CPA, Edward was instrumental in convincing the Banking industry to share positive data with the Retail industry, resulting in full file sharing of Consumer credit data for all the relevant industries in South Africa. Additionally, he worked with the Credit Regulator representing the Credit Bureau Industry interests in the National Credit Act.

Edward was CEO of Transunion Credit Bureau, where he acquired a BEE equity partner, and was later promoted to Group CEO for TransUnion Africa.

He initiated and succeeded in outsourcing 4 call centres (200 staff) to Merchants (a division of Dimension Data) and was part of a global Credit Bureau team representing Africa as the regional leader. Edward also headed up a team responsible for acquiring Credit Bureau and Collections businesses in 8 African countries with the goal of promoting credit extension to consumers through sharing of positive data, analytics and modelling.

Martin Schramm

Martin Schramm
Project Manager & Senior Business Analyst

With over 14 years' experience in IT projects and operations whilst working for both multinationals and start-ups that specialised in e-commerce, telecommunications, commodities and media, Martin joined the Redwood team in 2012. He has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing Management from the University of Natal Pietermaritzburg and diplomas in Business Analysis and Project Management from FTI and UNISA's School of Business Leadership respectively.

Martin has been successfully delivering solutions in both PM and BA roles for the past 8 years working on mobile applications, payment gateways, fraud systems, credit card solutions, call centre software and electronic payment methods such as online vouchers, wallets and virtual credit facilities. He has enjoyed working on such projects with the likes of MasterCard, Dow Jones Newswires, Amazon, Sony, British Telecom (RedCare), Thomas Cook & Eurostar but relishes start-up work just the same.

Martin Schramm

Monica Hitge
Group Finance Manager

While obtaining her Bachelor of Accounting Science degree through UNISA, Monica completed her SAICA articles at Sprigg Abbott Incorporated, where she progressed from Junior to Senior Auditor and obtained four years of practical experience in Auditing, Taxation, Financial and Management Accounting. In addition to her auditing training she also managed the accounting records of a number of small to medium sized entities in both the manufacturing and retail industries.

Since then Monica has obtained five years of experience in a financial management role, including management reporting, forecasting, revenue recognition, taxation and internal controls and procedures.

Three of these of years have been at Redwood Third Party Processing (Pty) Ltd, having initially been involved in the start-up of financial department of the company and all the company administration structures in her role as Financial Accountant to, currently, assuming the role of Group Finance Manager managing all the financial, payroll and company administration functions for both Redwood and, where applicable, those of Redwood's clients.

Monica is also registered as a Professional Accountant with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants.

Riek Kirsten

Riek Kirsten
Principal Credit Risk & Analytics Consultant

Riek has over 12 years of experience in the credit risk & arena. Riek started his career in credit analytics at one of South Africa's premier credit bureaux and has worked extensively in the retail and consumer credit market, as well as the retail banking industry. He has gained specialist knowledge and insight into the dynamics of the credit landscape with exceptional skills in Risk and Customer Analytics, Data Management and Statistical Modelling.

Combining proven statistical techniques with innovative processes, Riek has gained risk exposure and experience in multiple portfolios across Southern Africa, specifically in areas of optimal acquisition, account management, client lifetime value, and maximising profit.

Riek also has a wealth of credit operational experience having managed primary collections platforms such as NAEDO and Debit Orders for several clients and has built a skillset with the capacity to manage detailed collections strategies for different segments of the portfolio, with the added ability to adapt those strategies for each client and/or segment within the client's portfolio(s).

By serving on various Redwood client credit committees across a diverse range of industries and credit products, such as cellular credit, virtual/on-line credit, personal loans, credit cards, general purpose cards, store cards and catalogue retail credit, Riek remains at the forefront of developments and techniques within the industry.

Besides the specialized skills in the different phases of the credit life cycle, Riek has had considerable exposure to other key functional areas within the credit organisation such as business modelling, marketing campaigns and operational processes.

Patricia Tattersall

Patricia Tattersall
Principal Operational Consultant

Patricia has over 25 years' experience at operational and executive management levels within Government, Financial Services and the Cellular Network industry. She is also a qualified coach.

She has been involved in setting and implementing customer strategies for sales, service and collections in both start-ups (Jabba Connect) and established businesses (Woolworths Financial services, MTN, FNB and Barclays Bank UK).

Recent experience includes the design and implementation of operational models and processes for a start-up business in Kenya( 2012), being the Chief Operating Officer of a new business start-up (2010-2012),and Customer Service Executive in a Retail Financial Services business ( 2005-2010).

She is passionate about the customer experience and people development, believing that the customer experience is only as good as the quality of the people, the business processes, and the supporting infrastructure.

Evey Alexiou

Evey Alexiou
Principal Product & Marketing Consultant

Evey has a BSc in Economics and a Master of Business Administration (with a specialisation in Investment Banking). Her experience spans various industries such as telecommunications, retail and consumer financial services.

Evey's consumer financial services expertise spans credit and insurance product strategy frameworks, development of new products and customer value propositions (including customer loyalty and reward programmes), market research and intelligence, pricing strategies for delivering optimal ROI and product & business profitability, customer and product life-cycle management and retail financial services marketing.

At Woolworths Financial Services, Evey headed up the credit and insurance portfolios which comprises of the Credit Card suite (Silver, Gold and Black), Personal Loans (fixed and revolving products), Store Card and Insurance products such as Credit Life and Car, Home and Travel Insurance.

At RCS Group, she was responsible for the overall credit product strategy for the RCS General Purpose Card, and various Private Label Card Programmes (such as Game and Dion Wired). In addition, she also headed up the Group Marketing function across the various credit and insurance product offerings.

Evey has also worked in the telecommunications industry, based in Greece, as Group Manager for the OTE Consulting (the subsidiary of the National Telecom Provider - OTE) where she managed a team responsible for formulating feasibility studies for the Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) strategic components across key functional areas. She broadened her telecommunication experience with Vodafone Greece where she was responsible for new product development of connectivity products from inception to launch as well as developing synergies for bundling customer propositions across the broader telecommunications product suite.

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