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What makes Redwood the smart choice?

Redwood Third Party Processing offers a comprehensive range of outsourced consumer finance products and services, from card and credit processing solutions to telephony, client services and back-office administration.

Here are eight good reasons to partner with Redwood:

1. Reduce costs

Because we offer a complete processing and administration solution, the need for investment in fixed infrastructure is largely eliminated, thereby minimising capital expenditure. In addition, operating costs can be kept under control, as overheads are significantly reduced.

2. Free up your most important resources

By offloading non-core functions, you are able to redirect energy and personnel into your core business. Scarce resources can be focused on mission-critical projects, and your executive team can be freed from the burden of handling day-to-day operational problems.

3. Get access to a pool of specialised skills

Together, the Redwood executive team has more than 75 years of consumer finance experience in Africa and the Middle East, acquired across a range of industries, in a variety of organisations. By partnering with us, you benefit from this accumulated expertise in project management, implementation and problem-solving; and have constant access to best practices and proven methodologies.

4. Improve operational efficiency

Our product offering has been designed to streamline business processes and increase productivity. Efficiencies are improved through economies of scale, and by consolidating and centralising functions.

5. Increase customer satisfaction

Improvements in operational efficiency mean improvements in speed and service levels. By making use of our outsourced contact centre solution, fully staffed with knowledgeable and competent support staff, you can provide your customers with service of the highest standard. Moreover, having a stable system in place makes your organisation reliable, and leads to increased customer loyalty and trust.

6. Manage your human resources more effectively

Cyclical or seasonal fluctuations can be levelled out through the use of Redwood's advanced forecasting techniques and efficient systems, which largely eliminates the problem of peak staffing. In addition, the expertise that Redwood brings to your organisation greatly reduces the need for internal commitment of specialists, which in turn leads to a saving on human resource and training costs.

7. Develop your competitive edge

Establishing long-term, strategic relationships with our world-class service providers gives you an undeniable competitive edge. By leveraging Redwood's extensive investments in technology, methodologies and people, your organisation can remain innovative and continue to introduce value-added services and products. Our focus on strategic thinking, process re-engineering and the management of trading partner relationships will continually enhance your tactical and strategic advantages.

8. Keep pace with technology

Making use of our existing infrastructure enables you to avoid the cost of replacing outdated technology, and greatly reduces the risk of technological obsolescence. By outsourcing your processing, administration and contact centre systems, you can keep pace and minimise the impact of rapid changes in technology, without needing to change your organisational infrastructure.

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